Last Friday parody

Last Thursday Night There's a raisin in my bed  Powder Sugar on my head Chickens all over the room  White Dingos, they are cool! You smell  like a stinky poo my brother's peeing in the yard Transformers in the school  This a raisin or some turd?

People from last night ended up in jail.Too bad..  For Them I don't remember much But I know it was so cool Crud! Last thursday Night Yeah, we danced in food depot Then we ran around the pool  I think we sang but you forgot Last Thursday night  We were sleeping in the school Using gas station bathrooms  Stealing random people's shoes Next Thursday night,  we'll do something new Yeah, I think I broke the mop! Never lie, and say we're not-hot Oh whoa oh.

My new song. I be texting!!!! Hey, Yeah  uh huh Cause u kno I b Textin yo, 

Boy: I b textin in z morning  Texting in the afternoon Tell my mama that- I b coming soon, At night, after hours I b textin' u c ! 

I always b texting cause my minutes ain't FREE! (and talkin is lame!)  I got my 1st fone at 3  I been textin ever since I b textin everybody  Even ur mother, ooo!  she said to do z dishes

Girl: girrrrl plz! I b textin all the time! When I walk, when u talk, Even in the halls, I be textin  At home, on the fone, When the teacher groans, Cause u wanna kno everything. My friend Boomtika b textin more than me.